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Top 10 Best Cheap Laptops Under $100

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Do you want a low-budget laptop that works perfectly well according to your needs? Well, you are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you about cheap laptops under $100 that are simply amazing. You cannot find lots of options in this amount and not many manufacturers offer such cheap laptops.

But do not worry, we will provide you with a list of the best cheap laptops for under 100 Dollars that are compact, portable, and capable of multitasking, and delivering the performance of high-end laptops. The compiled rating of devices will help you navigate the wide selection of electronics and choose the right model.

Best Cheap Laptops Under $100 For Home And Work

Such laptops are somewhat limited in terms of features and specifications, have lower performance, and support mainly only basic office applications and browsers. Their undoubted advantage is low energy consumption, which allows you to work on the device from the battery for a long time. The best cheap laptops under $100 for home and office use are often compact, making them easy to carry around.

HP Chromebook (1366×768)

HP Chromebook (1366x768)

A good laptop for working with documents and studying, but it will not handle more demanding programs for working with graphics. The device is presented on the market in 4 colors: blue, black, gray, and light gray. The screen has small viewing angles and average color reproduction due to the installed TN matrix.

The manufacturer offers several configurations, according to reviews, it is better to give preference to the HP 15-bs model with a Pentium processor and a DVD drive. It is the most optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. There is a basic socket for accessories with an M.2 interface, but with a B key, not every SSD will fit.

Advantages Disadvantages
Little weight Weak processor
Matte screen Deprecated Matrix
Decent battery life Touchpad buttons are a little stiff
Quality speakers  

Asus L210MA

Asus L210MA

It is a high-quality laptop with a good screen. It is also inexpensive and quite productive due to the combination of a Core i3 processor and a 256 GB SSD. The graphics card of the Intel HD Graphics 500 device provides the basic needs of the consumer.  But is not suitable for working with graphics of even average complexity.

The specifications of the Asus notebook indicate a weight of only 2.3 pounds and a screen diagonal of 11 inches, which makes the device compact and easy to carry. Asus laptop has a nice design – the outer case is made of black semi-gloss plastic, and the inner one is brown. The laptop has a 0.3 MP webcam, two speakers, and a microphone. However, users noted that the sound quality of the speakers is not good enough.

Advantages Disadvantages
Productive for its characteristics Little RAM
Good screen brightness Little storage
Beautiful design No backlight keyboard
Small and lightweight Irksome viewing angles

Dell Latitude D830

Dell Latitude D830

Here is another amazing cheap and best laptop under 100 Dollars. This laptop has an attractive design and a sturdy body. Its processor is similar to the mobile i3. This powerful inexpensive laptop handles the Internet, browsers, and standard office programs without problems.

Moreover, the passive cooling system is good, it ensures stable operation of the processor without overheating. The screen is normal for a standard TN-matrix, all the necessary ports are available, as well as a DVD drive. The design of the Dell Latitude D830 allows you to install an SDD and speed up your computer.

Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable Help to perform basic task
Good screen brightness Poor better life
Does not heat up during operation Not ideal for intensive operations

Dell Chromebook 11

One of the most budget devices on the market, it has a nice design: a metal body, several colors in the line. It is not designed for a gaming load (even the smallest one) or the use of professional programs. Dell Chromebook 11 is well suited for using a browser and simple text editors.

The hardware platform of a personal computer is weak, but the laptop has a high-quality IPS screen matrix and an additional SSD compartment. The amount of RAM is only 3 GB, and the hard drive is 32 GB, but this is quite enough for basic tasks. The laptop is well suited for schoolchildren and students.

Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable Help to perform basic task
Good screen brightness Poor better life
Does not heat up during operation Not ideal for intensive operations

Best Inexpensive Laptops for Gaming

Full-fledged gaming laptops do not fit into the rating due to their high cost, but among inexpensive laptops, there are devices suitable for medium and low-power gaming. Some of them need to replace the amount of RAM or the video card, but the best inexpensive gaming laptops presented will still pull the graphics without additional components.

Acer Aspire 3 (A315-51)

The laptop is quite large, the manufacturer does not indicate that it is a gaming laptop, but good technical characteristics make it suitable for use for this purpose. The computer is suitable for both office and study; however, due to its weight of almost 2.5 kg, it is limited in mobility.

A good processor and a sufficient amount of memory are compensated by the presence of an outdated and simplest TN matrix. Viewing angles and color quality leaves much to be desired. Users note a good cooling system and quiet operation of the laptop. The case can be easily disassembled if necessary.

Advantages Disadvantages
M2 connector Bad matrix
Works quietly Few connectors
Possibly to add RAM  
Good screen  

The laptop has good characteristics for its price, so it copes with simple graphic editors and simple programs for office, home, and programming. According to reviews on the Acer Aspire laptop, due to the lack of a cable and a basket, it is recommended to buy a model with a hard drive only.

Lenovo V320 17

This inexpensive IPS laptop comes with multiple ports, including a modern version of Type-C. Lenovo V320 17 is quite functional for its price category, it is equipped with a modern processor, a sufficient amount of “RAM (4GB), and a solid-state drive. Despite the fact that the laptop copes well with the gaming load, you can’t buy it for “heavy” professional programs, because. the power of his video card is not enough for these tasks.

Advantages Disadvantages
There is a fingerprint scanner Wide bezels around the display
Good sound from speakers Very massive charger
Large viewing angles at the screen  

It is worth considering that the battery is very quickly discharged even immediately after purchase. At medium (75%) brightness, Lenovo V320 17 does not hold a charge for longer than 5-6 hours even at a low load. During games, the charge lasts for 2-3 hours.

HP 17-ca0000

Simple inexpensive, but at the same time quite powerful laptop. The screen can be opened to an angle of almost 180 degrees, but the image quality suffers. This is because the viewing angle of the computer is small due to the outdated matrix. One of the advantages of a laptop is the ability to install additional RAM, which will help to overclock the device several times.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good processor No disk drive
Convenient power supply Flimsy computer case
Powerful battery The speakers are located on the back surface
Difficult to disassemble if necessary  

Best Inexpensive Powerful Laptops

Cheap and powerful laptops are often essential for work. Such devices have advanced functionality, but due to the low price, the quality of the plastic from which the case is made and ergonomics are not good enough. Nevertheless, the amount of RAM and the quality of the hard disk and processor allow you to work in complex systems.

HP 250 G6

The laptop is large in size and weight, which makes it inconvenient to use outside the home. The manufacturer offers a whole line of configurations with different processors: Celeron, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Pentium. All of them differ little in power, and performance depends on the amount of RAM. HP 250 G6 is suitable for both office and study, a good bundle allows you to use it for games and graphics programs.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good processor Difficult to disassemble when needed
There is a slot for additional slots for RAM The case overheats during the operation
Good build quality  
Lots of USB ports  

Acer Aspire 3 (A315-41G)

Another Acer laptop of the Aspire 3 line. Unlike the previous one, it has higher performance due to the modern AMD processor, which supports multi-threading and 256 GB SDD. Video editing in modern programs and virtual simulators works very quickly due to new mobile driver packages. In the settings, it is possible to select the desired mode of operation of the drivers and speed up performance according to current tasks.

Advantages Disadvantages  
Excellent performance Small battery capacity
Two slots for additional RAM The case overheats during the operation
Ergonomic keyboard and bottom panel Flimsy touchpad
Autonomous cooling system  

Asus X540UB

One of the most affordable laptops for work and study, it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor (in all models of the line), which significantly increases information security. The screen quality is inferior to other models of this series due to the small coverage of the color range and a small maximum brightness. For these reasons, it is not recommended to use the Asus X540UB for graphics work.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good processor Small battery capacity
Convenient power supply No CD Drive
Large viewing angles at the screen Not one of the best built
Sensitive touchpad  

Many laptops are equipped with the ability for modifications, such as changing software, expanding memory, installing additional ports, etc.  You can take this into account when choosing any cheap laptops under 100 dollars. You can buy these in the sale or get the used ones.

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