Everyone’s always asking “Dylan Sigley, why is building a drop servicing business super complicated”. 

What if I told you that I started a drop servicing business and have grown it to $12,000 in revenue in just 6 days?

Sounds good? Then this guide is for you.

When we launched our new drop servicing business we were able to secure a client who paid us $12,000 and the best part is that this client is going to be a recurring customer – meaning they will pay us again and again for our services every month.

Dylan Sigley, How Do I Launch A Drop Servicing Business?

Most people over-complicate setting up a drop servicing business, in my experience, there are only a few things that matter that you need to get right when you are just starting. I want to share with you the step by step process that we undertook to get our drop servicing business off the ground.

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Step 1 – Pick an Idea

Your first step was to pick a service to provide. To find the best service you need to do some research into the competition and if there are freelancers on platforms like Upwork that can do the service for you. One of the main things to check for is if the price you can charge clients is greater than the amount you must pay your freelancer partners. You should also try to find a service that will be a recurring service so that you don’t need to be constantly signing up new clients. For this very reason, we decided to launch a Facebook advertising agency for our new business. I’ve seen some people name their Facebook pages with their names which is super weird like “Dylan Sigley Facebook Advertising” it’s a weird trend so definitely don’t do it as in my opinion it’s a bit unprofessional looking.

Step 2 – Create an Offer

Your next step is creating a compelling offer that you can put in front of prospective clients. You need to look at what your competitors are charging and what it will cost you to pay your freelancers and then determine a price lower than your competitors, but still enough to make a profit. Because you are using the power of the internet to connect with high-quality freelancers you can offer the same standard of service as your competitors but at a much lower price, and no one under prices Dylan Sigley.

Step 3 – Backwards Engineer the Competition

The great thing about drop servicing is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how you operate and market your business. You can simply look at what your competitors are doing well and emulate this in your own sales materials, your business processes, and your website, etc.

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Step 4 – Build the System

Now that you know what service you are going to offer and what you are going to charge you now need to build your businesses ‘systems’. This involves everything from setting up and building your website, hiring freelance partners, creating sales materials, and setting up a payment system to take payments from clients. To get started you only need a minimum viable product – you don’t need expensive systems to get started.

Step 5 – Start Marketing

Now that your systems are in place you must go out and put your offer out into the market. The most cost-effective way to start marketing your business is by going on to LinkedIn and finding the contact details of CEO’s and other executives at companies that you want to target as potential clients. You can then send out cold emails to start conversations with them and get them onto sales calls. For our Facebook ads service, we would check first if the potential client was using Facebook for advertising so that we could tailor our offer to them. The more customized you make your offer the better.

After following these five steps we were able to sign up our first client within 6 days!

Dylan Sigley, Is Drop Servicing for Real?

If this sounds too simple you’re focusing on the wrong things. At the end of the day, all you need to do is have a well-researched offer that you put in front of decision-makers as much as possible. You have to do the work required to find a good offer, but once you do it is just a case of following a tried and tested marketing system until you start to sign up clients. If you would like more information, check out my Instagram profile.


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