How to Find Out Your TD Bank Routing Number

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In our current time and age, technology is allowing us to reach new heights of advancement every day. There are many solutions to do things quickly and conveniently. The same is the case with the banking sector. Digital payments to online banking facilities and cashless payments to eCommerce, the possibilities are endless.

TD Bank is an American national bank that is a subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank. One of the largest banks of America, it is present in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. With a number of banking services, the bank stands out from the rest. From loans to personal banking and online banking investments to digital payments, TD Bank doesn’t all.

What is the TD Bank Routing Number?

When it comes to banks, the routing number is of vital importance. This routing number is actually a nine-digit code. The purpose of this code is to help in the identification of financial institution in the US. The routing number is also alternatively known as the ABA routing number, transit number, or RTNs. If an institute has this number then they can easily send or receive funds. The routing number is important because if anybody wants to send a payment to you then they will need to not only share your account number but they will also need to share your routing number.

History of TD Bank

There are more than 1300 branches of TD Bank operating in 15 US states. If you are a resident of New York, there are more than 250 branches available and the same is the case with New Jersey. In Florida, there are more than 150 branches and Massachusetts has nearly 150 branches as well. If you want to receive money or send money through your TD Bank account, then you will need to know the correct routing number with respect to the state where your bank branch is present. The following is a list of TD Bank routing numbers that will be helpful for you with respect to your state.

Routing Numbers – States Wise
No.StatesRouting Numbers
1TD Bank Connecticut11103093
2TD Bank Florida67014822
3TD Bank Maine211274450
4TD Bank Massachusetts/Rhode Island211370545
5TD Bank Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia54001725
6TD Bank New Hampshire11400071
7TD Bank New Jersey/Delaware31201360
8TD Bank New York – Metro NYC or former Commerce customers26013673
9TD Bank New York – Upstate NY or former Banknorth customers21302567
10TD Bank North Carolina/South Carolina53902197
11TD Bank Pennsylvania36001808
12TD Bank Vermont11600033

The following are some ways that you can use to find your routing transit number also known as our RTNs.

Method 1:

In this blog, we have shared all the TD Bank routing numbers for all checking accounts.

Method 2:

Another way that you can use to find your TD Bank routing number is with the help of online banking or the official website. Log in to your online TD Bank account and find your relevant routing number. You can also go to the website of TD Bank to find it.

Method 3:

Another way that you can use to find the TD Bank routing number is with the help of your check or bank statement. You will be able to find the routing number before your account number at the bottom of the cheque.

Method 4:

Make sure to visit the federal reserve website. Here, you can also find your respective routing number.

Do note that for domestic and international transfers to the routing number is 031101266. On the other hand, the swift code is (NRTHUS33XXXX). Hopefully, with the help of this information, you will be able to find the TD Bank routing number and send and receive money without worry in the world.

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