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Flip Into Style: Unveiling Custom Flip Top Boxes

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Custom flip top boxes are a perfect combination of sleekness and convenience. This box is easy to open so the packagers can put little effort into packaging products. Besides this, the unique shape and lid give a beguiling and unconventional look to the box. 

Today rarely does any brand pack its items in general packaging. The use of general packaging just provides protection however today the company expects much more from the packaging than just product protection which is why box customization is becoming prevalent.

Flip top boxes have the best features, including product protection, attractive look, catchy designs, appealing shape, and style. If you are not very aware of this box style then do not worry and read the blog to clear all your concepts. 

What Are Custom Flip-Top Boxes?

Flip-top boxes have a flipping lid that does not need to be tucked inside. The box lid is sealed with the help of a magnetic lock. In these boxes, most of the time delicate products like fragrances, serums, watches, ties, belts, and chocolates are packed. Businesses can also use decorative flip top packaging to pack favors, souvenir gifts, invitation cards, etc. 

Robust Packaging Material

Sturdy and durable packaging is necessary for flip-top boxes; it protects the product during shipping. High-quality packaging is also important for preventing product loss during shipping. Unique designs depend on the packaging materials which help to add to the product’s beauty and attract the consumers. Selecting suitable packaging materials for flip top gift box is essential that are:

  • Cardstock
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated

Sleekness And Convenience Of Flip-Top Boxes

For the packaging of delicate and premium products, the packaging must be strong and luxurious. Besides this, to show buyers about the premiums of the brand it is also significant to design the boxes attractively. Custom flip-top boxes have all the essential features that a brand desires for its products, such as:  

Luxurious Add-Ons

Your boxes will look dull and simple if you do not decorate them with add-ons or creative features in another sense. For instance, if you pick the material and color of the dress but ignore adding finishing or design then you will get exhausted from it very soon and will only wear it sometimes. Similarly, the plain-looking box will not even capture the people’s attention and there will be less or no chance that your product will be bought. 

  • Silver foiling 
  • Gold Foiling 
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Laminations
  • Holographic foiling

With these appealing custom features, you can create a remarkable flip top box. Therefore, customers will surely look and observe the packaging and product inside if it grasps their attention leading to more sales. 

Printing Logo And Brand Representation

Like all the custom packaging, the flip-top boxes give extensive possibilities to boost the brand. Adding the logo of your brand, the boxes will transform into a marketing tool helping you to elevate your brand. The representation of a brand is crucial for growth and nothing can be a better promotional tool than the packaging. 

Enticing Appearance 

The enticing impression of the boxes makes them perfect for commercial purposes. The upper lid area of the boxes can be designed with detailed and aesthetic designs. These designs make the flip-top storage box splendid in appearance. When customers see the products packed in such elegant boxes they become fans of that brand and start picking their products.

Attractive Magnetic Locks

The business of flip-top packaging is not only associated with its style and firmness but also due to its attractive and unconventional opening. Custom boxes have a magnetic lid that makes them attractive. This magnetic lid makes the boxes luxurious and reusable.

Flip-top boxes with magnetic closure tend to grab the customer’s attention and increase the value of the packed items, customers are willing to pay some additional price if a product gives them a luxurious vibe. And flip-top boxes successfully do so. 

Attractive Printing Options

After the packaging materials, you will have numerous options in printings too. So improve your product’s look with luxury printing styles and designs. Box with handle provides you with printing options that are as follows:

  • Offset Printing

In this printing technique, metal plates are used to apply ink on the paper sheet. Different plates are used for different ink to transfer color on the sheet of paper. Offset printing consumes more time than digital printing and it is more expensive than other printing techniques because one metal plate is used for only one ink color print.

  • Digital Printing 

Digital printing is done by electrostatic rollers that apply toner and add full color to paper. In this technique, electrostatic charge is used to attract toner and generate beautiful color print designs on paper.


You can switch custom flip top boxes in design style and shape depending on your preference and requirements. The comfortable opening with a magnetic button gives a pleasing unboxing experience that cannot be achieved with ordinary packaging. 

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