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What is the Career Scope of Industrial Machinery Components?

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Industrial machinery and components play a significant role in the production of manufactured products. The machinery itself, together with the materials and features that are used in its production, are what make up the industrial sector. Due to the fact that the need for industrial machinery and components will continue to rise in the years to come, there are plenty of career opportunities accessible in this sector. To cut it short, there is a lot of money to be made and, of course, the opportunity for the growth of your career in this industry.

This guide will help you learn about how many jobs are available in industrial machinery/components, alongside a number of best-paying jobs in industrial machinery/components. So, let’s keep going.

How Many Jobs are Available in Industrial Machinery/Components?

How Many Jobs are Available in Industrial Machinery Components

According to a survey that was published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 208,800 job openings in the sector that deals with industrial machinery and components. Over the next decade, this sector is predicted to expand by around 4%, creating an extra 8,352 job openings by 2028.

Depending on the state of the economy, the manufacturing sector of the economy may provide a wide range of employment opportunities, including those in the industrial machinery and components industry. There has been a steady decrease in the number of available positions in this industry over the last several years. This is because many industrial processes have been automated, and production has been moved overseas to places with lower labor costs.

The manufacturing of industrial machinery and components remains a vital sector of the economy despite recent job losses. This industry is essential to the success of many companies and the production of numerous items that we rely on every day.

Is Industrial Machinery/Components a Good Career Path?

Unquestionably, yes! There are many well-paying jobs in the industrial machinery/components industry, but working in this field also provides additional advantages. Companies will give incentives on top of competitive pay that is separate from benefits like health insurance and retirement savings plans. Vision and dental insurance are common examples of auxiliary health benefits that contribute to the fact that jobs in the industrial machinery and components business growth are consistent among the highest-paid positions available in the labor market. To check out more about benefits or details, you should have to see this:

Going a bit more into details, salaries have increased over time for the majority of occupations, however, there are certain industries that have had faster rises in salaries than those in industrial engineering. Average starting salaries were $88,500. By 2021, it had increased to $95,000. Thus, earnings rose by almost 1.7% between 2020 and 2021.

Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components

Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery

How much money do you expect to make dealing with industrial machines and components? What are the best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components? Some of the best-paying jobs in industrial machinery/components include:

1. Sales Director – Average Salary: $124,000/Year

A sales director’s job is to increase the company’s revenue via strategic advertising and sales tactics. You’ll be leading a sales team, making sure they do all they can to hit or beat their targets.

2. Electrical Engineers – Average Salary: $52,000-$123,000/Year

An electrical engineer’s job includes the creation and testing of electrical devices. Engineers in this field also help build the infrastructure that makes it possible for electrical devices to work.

3. Facility Manager – Average Salary: $90,800/Year

This is the one who manages the upkeep and functioning of a building or other structure. They watch over the building to make sure it is secure, sanitary, and efficient, and that it doesn’t harm the people who live there. Among these duties are making sure the building is up to code, keeping equipment in good shape, and keeping an eye on repairs.

4. Industrial Production Managers – Average Salary: $118,000 /Year

Manufacturing is directed under the supervision of industrial production managers. They make plans and see to it that the job is done in a safe and effective manner. They could also be responsible for buying the necessary supplies and making sure the staff know how to operate the machinery correctly.

Other Best Paying jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components

  • Automation Engineer – Average Salary: $90,000/Year
  • Crane Operators – Average Salary: $37,000-$98,000/Year
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer – Average Salary: $105,000/Year
  • Agricultural Equipment Mechanics – Average Salary: $28,000-$64,000/Year
  • Powertrain Engineer – Average Salary: $102,000/Year
  • Instrumentation Engineer – Average Salary: $107,000/Year
  • Maintenance and Repair Engineers – Average Salary $37,000-$86,000/Year

The Last Word

Industrial machinery components provide a large number of employment opportunities. There is a bright future for anybody interested in working in this industry since the industry is expanding rapidly. Many opportunities exist in this field for those who are interested in working in it. Many companies provide generous compensation packages, including health insurance and retirement plans. If you’re ready for a change of pace, a career in the industrial machinery components industry might be a good fit.

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