The Fashion Evolution

The Fashion Evolution: Fashions Don’ts That Became Dos

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Fashion shouldn’t be associated with any dos or don’ts in the first place. It’s against the ever-changing nature of fashion to restrict it with these rules. Also, there’s no fashion manual by which women across the globe should be dressing up. Fashion is unique and different for every individual and that’s exactly why it is called fashion. Therefore, if you think some stereotypical fashion don’ts sound downright catchy and interesting, don’t hesitate to break the monotony!

However, for some, the New Year and new decade call to break these stereotypical fashion rules. And if you analyze, most of these rules are inherited from our moms and even grandmoms. Fashion for me is what looks good on me. And I’m perfectly okay if it doesn’t conform with the popular dress codes. I recently checked out Pakistani sitched lawn suits, and I figured out how they are experimenting with eastern and western pieces. They don’t seem to be without worrying about breaking the fashion rules.

It’s high time we stop considering archaic fashion do’s and don’ts whilst deciding on our wardrobe. Guess what the interesting part is; most of the fashion don’ts have ended up becoming the fashion do’s. This gives us more confidence to challenge outfit stereotypes. Tag along to know more!

Fashion Don’ts That Ended up Becoming Dos

  • Bags and Shoes are Not Matching Anymore.
  • Sweatpants are No Longer In-House Clothing Staple.
  • Mixed Metals are a Yes in Contemporary Jewelry Trends.
  • Black and Brown Make a Hot Combo.
  • Neutral Hues Are the New Hot Trend.

Bags and Shoes are Not Matching Anymore

Many women seem to still follow this nuisance. We really want to rescue them out of this hassle and want to enlighten them that the decade is 2020, not 1950! This fashion DON’T isn’t practiced anymore. Even by the fashion designers and gurus. Because the new trend is to stop worrying about matching your shoes and bags. Both these accessories are supposed to compliment your outfit, not each other!

Since this rule was more of a hassle, fashion gurus have rightly recognized it. Check out the ramps and runways for fashion inspiration on shoes and bags. Don’t be reluctant to hold a nice leather bag in brown and flaunt your off-white suede shoes together!

Sweatpants are No Longer In-House Clothing Staple

It is an established fact in the fashion industry that sweatpants are a part of loungewear. It used to be standard stay-at-home attire for lazy weekends. It was a major don’t, wearing sweatpants while stepping out. The only exception was perhaps a grocery store. Today, the athleisure trend is all over the fashion industry. The trend has become so popular that even luxe brands have introduced separate lines for it. The modern take on fashion is all-embracing toward sweatpants. They are chic, comfy, and have a statement attached.

Learn to style your sweatpants and tracksuits with the accessories, which will go just right with them. You can go for matching as well as mismatching tracksuits. Pairing them with something as formal as heels will take to the next level of style.

Mixed Metals are a Yes in Contemporary Jewelry Trends

Do you know that mixing metals was once frowned upon? The standard rule was to only wear gold jewelry with gold. You can’t add silver or bronze to it. Well, designers and stylists have thankfully agreed on debunking this pointless fashion myth. So, this fashion don’t, has become a do and you can mix and match gold, rose, yellow, white gold, and silver together as much as you want. You can also flaunt your favorite stones to add more bling to your look.

Black and Brown Makes a Hot Combo

This is perhaps the dumbest don’t on the list. Can you believe that there were do’s and don’ts related to color combos too? In addition to black and brown, the other no-go combo was navy and black. Both these combos look hot and incredible. We have now witnessed outfits, shoes, and even handbags in this stunning color combo and they look absolutely stunning. Think brown leather jacket with long black boots. Don’t they look amazing!

Neutral Hues Are the New Hot Trend

Neutral hues are a rage in the current fashion scene. And it’s hard to believe that neutral hues were once considered boring! The neutral color palette is perhaps the easiest to experiment with to create new looks and styles. Fashion designers have completely embraced neutral hues now, be it eastern women suits or western. We would suggest investing in neutral-hued outfits and accessories in 2020!

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