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How to Work from Home and Not Procrastinate

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Set up a Workplace

It can be a study table or a complete room that you dedicate to work and study. Never, ever set up your workstation in your bedroom or you will feel magnetic forces pulling you back in bed in the middle of the day and you will end up working late and be lazy all day. Then eventually every single day will feel the same. Having a separate workstation outside of your room will make you feel fresh and you won’t be feeling like going to bed all the time like you do when you’re working from your bedroom.

Start Fresh

Even if you are working from home, do not stay in your pajamas all day. Get up, wash your face, change into good clothes, get some breakfast, and then get to work. It will make you feel much less lazy and sleepier because you are not working from your bedroom anymore, and you have started your day fresh. Apart from that, do not have coffee early in the morning as it drains all your energy by midday, and go for a smoothie breakfast instead. Take advantage of working from home, make yourself some healthy breakfast, and have it in the dining room, not at your workstation, because your workstation should be for work, not food.

Take Short Breaks

When working from home, take more short breaks than one long break. Go get a healthy snack or a quick drink and start working again, and then go again after a while. This way you don’t work nonstop. When you take breaks in the middle of work, your brain freshens up unlike the time when you work nonstop and when you get off work, you are all worn out for the day. So, work when you are at your desk and take short breaks to breathe.

Make a Timeline

The most important way to finish your work on time and not feel lazy while you are working from home is to make a timeline for your tasks, even the smallest ones. Set a time for each task, each break, and even meetings. Keep your times set for lunch, snack breaks, and music breaks if you want, and try to do it all in your allotted work timing. Making a timeline and sticking it somewhere on your workstation will keep reminding you of the time and will keep you on track.

Get a Good Internet Connection

One of the most important things to have when you work from home is a good internet connection. We often experience times when our internet is interrupted and we run out of data. It wastes our time energy and spoils our working mood. Well, to counter such unpleasant experiences, we recommend TDS Telecom Internet because TDS Internet speed is best for you if you work from home often, and the most important part is the unlimited data allowance in some of their packages. Therefore, you get interruption-free unlimited data, which will not disturb your work tempo and allow you to work hassle-free.

Monitor your Internal Monologue

This is the most important step and needs to be taken seriously. Often when you are working from home, you tend to listen to the inner voice that keeps telling you to take a nap, or play this one game, or watch this one episode and resume working later, or go for a longer break and much more. Sometimes you just start daydreaming or scrolling on Facebook and time flies by you. Monitor this inner voice of yours and start telling yourself positive things such as, ‘I can do this, or ‘I am good at what I do’, or ‘I should get this done on time, and do whatever I want later, stress-free.’
Start using positive self-talk and monitor your thoughts and activities while you work, because often when we are working from home, we lose the sense of time and every day feels the same and life becomes monotonous. Don’t let your life slip into a monotone like that and make it interesting while you still have the advantage of working from your own space.

Be tough with yourself

When working from home, you may often find yourself distracted. Well, keep the things that distract you, far far away. Whether it is your cell phone, or your personal laptop, your video games, or the TV remote. Keep the distractions in the other room and concentrate on work first. Even if your pet wants to play with you, ask them to wait until you get off work. Think of it this way, do you want stressful time interrupted by workload, or a stress-free, work-free time all by your pet or something you enjoy doing. Counter distractions and get the rest of the day all to yourself.

Light up the Room

This might not sound important, but loud sounds, lots of screen time, and dim lights are signs that you may get depressed soon. When you’re sitting down to work, make sure you turn on all lights in the room and open all the windows to let the fresh air and light in. This way you will feel awake, fresh and the dim lights won’t make you feel like you’re trapped. Lights also make you feel like it is time to start functioning now, so you will miss that bed a little less when you have signaled your mind that it is the day.


Last but not least exercising should be everyone’s top priority, either working from home or office. When you are at home, beat that monotonous feeling by making a yoga, or exercise routine. As you bring non-work activity to your daily routine, you will feel like you are making an effort for your life instead of just working eating, and sleeping all day, because trust us, we have all been there, done that.
Change these routine steps into daily habits and watch your life get better. So let’s beat those work from home blues, and get rolling.

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