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TheVoodle is a growing news publication platform where bloggers/authors from all around the world are given a voice we believe in quality, popularity, and regularity at the same time. That’s why we have garnered a team of professional editors to ensure quality publication on a regular basis.

That’s why our organic number of followers and audience is growing each day. The screenshot below explains the amount of trust and authority we have built-in such a small amount of time.

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Our website allows every creative and SEO oriented writer to share their writings with us. Our main focus is to bring as many stories/topics possible on Business, Technology and Marketing. We believe in spreading a clear and positive message to our readers that we intend to serve one purpose only, that is “User-driven content”. Hence, all such authors are most welcomed to “write for us”.

Who can Contribute to Our Website?

First of all, our criteria are very simple for bloggers who know SEO and its importance for users as well as search engines. We expect to grow our numbers and our audience by leaps and bounds. Therefore, we expect our contributors to write only SEO oriented publications only.

Required list For Content Acceptance:

  • SEO Optimized content
  • Sent along with keywords and their search volume
  • Trending topics in google trends and topics
  • Lastly, no fluff or plagiarized content

You have got in your content. No need to even pitch us. Just share your content along with these mentioned. You will receive a message of content acceptance with a happy face. Also, you can get an opportunity of getting authorship on TheVoodle if your content does well.

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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Here are some steps which you need to follow for submitting your content

  • Guest Post Pitch: First, you should present yourself to us with your introduction and list of topics 2-3 and your author bio with legit social profiles.
  • No Fluff or Plagiarized Content: We have a very strict policy of blocking such emails or site links which sent us any plagiarized content or keyword-stuffed article
  • Topic Niche: Our criteria is simple for topic or niche. Top priority will be given to business, technology and marketing articles. Afterwards, we will consider any other niche.
  • Word count Requirement: Content needs to be user-friendly and the needs to be a minimum of 1000 words. But if the topic doesn’t need a 1000 User-driven to be completed a 300 or 400 word would be enough there. A good writer knows this stuff.
  • SEO title & Description: While sending your article to us. Do profile an SEO title and Meta description to us separately in the email or within the article
  • Keyword Optimization: We expect our SEO writers/bloggers to send us articles with mentioned focus and variable keywords. This is not just helpful for us but also for their content and carrying a link to do well in search engines.
  • Anchor: Anchor keyword must be the name of the site or some variations such as: according to “name of the site”, for more details check “name of the site”, click here, visit here, check this and similar.
  • Reference links: Yes, outbound links can be added but only to authority sites and only spam-free ones.
  • Internal Links: Try to internal link thevoodle articles at least two of the existing ones in your article
  • Formatting: Structure your content with proper headings and subheadings
  • Images/Rich Media: Any rich media/images can be added but their reference links should be given below as credits.
  • Paragraphs: Longer paragraphs tend to make the reader lose their interest. So, try to keep each paragraph between 3-4 lines maximum.
  • Image: Provide a featured image with source or use royalty-free image from Pixabay or Unsplash.
  • Note: Don’t send us topics or ideas which have already been covered. Fresh topics and ideas are always welcomed. Outreach with irrelevant topics will be ignored.

How to Submit:

It’s simple as it gets. Use the following email given below and send out your pitch with a unique subject for guest post submission. Or use our contact us page.

All queries standard response time will be 2-3 days. Note: Submission Does NOT GUARANTEE Publication.

Please fill out the form below. Our editor will be in touch to discuss your article ASAP.