Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance Online

How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance Online?

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Do you want to satisfy your hunger for a juicy steak, a juicy burger, or a delightful appetizer at Applebee’s? Whether you were given an Applebee’s gift card as a token of appreciation or splurged on yourself, knowing how much balance is left on the gift card is the key to enjoying a delicious meal.

Lucky for you, Applebee’s has made it effortlessly convenient to check your Applebee’s gift card balance online. And in this detailed guide, we will explain how to check the amount on your Applebee’s gift card in a few easy steps, making it possible for each visit to Applebee’s to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Quick Overview of Applebee’s Gift Card

Applebee’s gift cards are a great present for friends, family and coworkers who appreciate good food. These adaptable gift cards allow the recipient to taste any of Applebee’s delectable dishes. They allow recipients to try out a wide variety of menu items, from juicy burgers and steaks to delectable pasta and riblets.

The gift cards are good at any Applebee’s, so the lucky recipients can choose their own special place to dine and make memories. Moreover, Applebee’s gift cards are the ideal present for every event, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and expressions of gratitude, due to their compact size and stylish designs. These gift cards can be bought quickly online, providing a convenient and versatile choice for anyone looking to send a present.

Besides, Applebee’s gift cards are a great option for any occasion, whether you’re looking to wow a guest or just treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

How Does an Applebee’s Gift Card Work?

Applebee’s gift cards are available in any amount between $5 and $250. But before you check Applebee’s gift card balance and choose how to use it, here is everything you should know about Applebee’s gift cards.

  • You can purchase these gift cards at any Applebee’s in the United States or Canada, or on their website.
  • It will not expire or lose value.
  • Not transferable or refundable for cash.
  • Not replaceable if misplaced, stolen, destroyed or used improperly.
  • Not redeemable for cash or other gift cards.
  • In case these gift cards are transferred for value or resold, they become invalid.
  • Accepted for use in making purchases on or at any physical location of Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar.

How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance?

There are various easy ways to check balance on Applebee’s gift card. Pick the one that works best for you:

  • Online
  • In Person
  • Through Phone

Pick your preferred way to check your Applebee’s gift card balance and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your meal knowing exactly how much money you have left on your card.

How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance Online?

To check your Applebee’s gift card balance online, follow these steps:

  • Go to the web browser on your mobile phone or PC.
  • Type “” into your browser’s address bar and hit Enter to see Applebee’s official website.
  • Find the “Gift Cards” menu item when the site loads. It often appears at the page’s top or bottom.
  • To check Applebees gift card balance, enter the full 19-digit number printed on the card and the 4-digit PIN shown on the back of the card.

How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance in Person?

Here are the steps you should take at any Applebee’s restaurant to check the Applebees giftcard balance:

  • Find the neighborhood Applebee’s and make your way there.
  • Visit the restaurant while it’s open for service.
  • When you go there, just let the person in charge know that you want to know how much balance is left on your Applebee’s gift card.
  • Give them your gift card and ask them to help you check the balance.

How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance on the Phone?

Applebee’s gift card balance inquiries can be made Monday through Sunday from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST by calling 1-888-592-7753, while eGift card balance inquiries can be made 24/7 by dialing 855-772-9098. So, get your gift card ready and then contact customer care for help.

Frequently Asked Question’s:

Q. Where Can You Use My Gift Card?

You can only use an Applebee’s gift card in Applebee’s restaurants, on, or on the Applebee’s mobile app.

Q. How Can You Replace a Stolen or Lost Applebee’s Gift Card?

Always treat your gift card as though it were cash. However, if you have misplaced your card and want a replacement, you can reach them at 1-800-252-6722. Have either your card number or your purchase receipt handy when you call.

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