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How to Combine Email Marketing & SEO Efforts to Boost Your Results?

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Many think that Search Engine Optimization is limited to search engines and websites.

But that’s not true.

Just like on-page SEO and Technical SEO, off-page SEO is equally important.

Though link building is used majorly, email marketing can help with off-page SEO too.

When you do SEO, it will improve your search engine result page rank. As you know, a good ranking is essential to get added visibility to your brand, and the competition makes it hard to acquire the top position.

Therefore, you have to put a lot of effort into link building.

And your practices should be in a way that it adapts to the algorithm changes; otherwise, whenever there is a change in algorithm, you will notice a substantial decrease in the SERP rank.

As you read ahead, we will be looking at how email marketing can make an impact on your SEO efforts and how you can leverage these impacts to improve your search engine rankings.

You send emails to a well-defined audience.

Now let us see how to find someone’s email address.

You will have to build a prospect list to launch an email campaign.

To find emails, you may use the email lookup tool such as This tool gets you the correct email format using big data and a machine learning algorithm.

You may signup for the free plan where you can find up to ten email addresses every month. And if you want to search beyond that, you need to go for the paid version.

Drive qualified prospects to your website

One of the best things about email campaigns is that they can drive quality traffic to your website.

Though you could drive traffic to your site using other channels, an email campaign gets you the visitors who are more likely to take action and get converted as your customer.

Do these visitors make purchases right away?

No. It requires a lot of effort where you will build a strong relationship with your target audience.

The most commonly used method is the use of personalized messages.

For this, you need to segment your audience list. By doing so, you are sending emails that your audience wants to read.

Allow Social Sharing

When you add social sharing option to your emails, you can get your content shared with a broader audience.

Since your prospects are more likely to share the content with their friends and family who they think would need your product. So, there is a probability that they take action on your website.

You may wonder if this is connected to SEO strategy.

Here’s the clarification; Google never mentioned that social media shares as a direct ranking factor.

However, the increased social visibility makes a significant impact on the SEO result.

Therefore, earning social shares can bring you benefits.

Final Thoughts

Both SEO and Email marketing are part of digital marketing strategy, and these can be connected in some way.

When you use these connections appropriately, you will be able to maximize your results.

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