Serviced Apartments Versus Hotels

Serviced Apartments VS Hotels: Key Differences

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London is famous for many reasons and the sheer variety of accommodations is certainly near the top of the list. Having said this, the hospitality sector continues to grow. The entire industry grew by a staggering 41 per cent between 2010 and 2020. Most experts agree that this momentum is here to stay. 

However, did you know that serviced apartments are beginning to make their presence known throughout the metropolitan area? The only possible issue is that some individuals are not entirely aware of the differences between hotels and serviced apartments. Let’s therefore take a look at the features associated with each in greater detail.

What do Hotels Have to Offer?

Hotels are associated with a superior sense of convenience, as they tend to be located within or close to major urban centres. However, the interior space of the rooms themselves can often be sacrificed as a result. This is one of the reasons why furniture, toiletries and the size of the kitchen may all be rather paltry. However, we need to remember that luxury hotels and boutique properties will normally offer a wide range of options (depending upon your budget).

Another point to mention is that hotels are normally intended for shorter stays. Such as if you plan to visit London for a week or you will be arriving on business. This is why it is important to compare and contrast the associated rates if you hope to obtain the most agreeable pricing options. 

The Advantages of Serviced Apartments

As the name denotes, serviced apartments are normally equipped with a host of modern amenities so that little is left to the imagination. In the same respect, the associated rooms tend to be larger when compared to standard hotels. This is important if you are travelling with a family.

While hotels are generally found within urban areas, serviced apartments may be located outside of major city centres. If you do not mind this distance, a serviced apartment could be an excellent option to “get away from it all”. 

Serviced apartments are normally chosen by individuals who plan on staying in a specific area for longer periods of time. Not only are they more convenient in terms of amenities, but long-term rates are normally lower when contrasted with the average hotel. Thus, saving money is always a realistic possibility. 

While hotels tend to center around functionality alone, serviced properties are more focused upon providing you with a modern sense of luxury and comfort. Take a look at the serviced apartments London here to better appreciate this concept). Flat-screen televisions, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, complimentary laundry services, excellent views of the nearby environment, and rooms of different sizes are a handful of benefits which you can expect. 

To be clear, both hotels and serviced apartments offer their own unique set of advantages. The main takeaway point here is that those who are looking for long-term accommodations are generally wiser to choose serviced apartments. There is no doubt that you will love what is in store. 

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