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Top AI Trends to Watch Out in 2021

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AI does not fail to astonish. The technology has been making rounds for quite some time now. Although, the use of this amazing technology asks of efficient Internet connection, with the introduction of 5G that isn’t a problem either. It is not just about 5G, though. If you have subscribed services of a good company, in my case TDS Internet packages, you are good to go.

And with that, here are some of the AI trends you should watch out for this year:

Co-ordination between Blockchain, AI and IoT

AI might be excellent technology. But it is no good or won’t give you any benefit unless you combine it with some other technologies. The others here refer to IoT and Blockchain. For example, you cannot operate automatic vehicles with AI alone. Access to IoT is crucial too. IoT is the technology responsible for managing the sensors in the vehicles.

Blockchain is another technology that you would need to incorporate in automatic vehicles. This technology would enable companies to take care of security and trust issues.

Dealing with Cyber Attacks

Artificial Intelligence will also play an integral part in cybersecurity. Cyber-attacks are increasing at a great rate since the past couple of years. But companies do not have the defensive systems to deal with the expanding threat. To deal with it, AI will enable companies to automate certain elements. Companies will not have to put extra effort to deal with these issues. The identification of security ruptures will also get easier.

Media and Entertainment

AI-driven entertainment and media is another trend that will be on the rise in 2021. Until now, AI did not make it to creative enterprises. But this year I will. You can look at it from a financial perspective. Currently, the burden on the film and gaming industry is tremendous. Employing the use of AI can help to reduce it. Moreover, AI can also help in improving the stories, acting, generation, and scriptwriting in many cases.

Real-Time Customer Interactions

This is already in practice. Have you ever come across a pop-up message on the bottom right corner of a website? The message usually greets a person and tells them to ask anything in that pop-up. That is not a person sending messages. It is the AI-enabled chatbots doing it on the company’s behalf. However, this year, AI interactions with customers will shift to real-time.

Companies will be seen employing AI for better customer retention. Marketing campaigns will make use of AI as well. Not only will AI help the businesses to retain the existing customers. But it will also make it easy for companies to attract more customers as well. All of this can take place on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Intelligent Automation in the Workplace

I do not know whether this is good or bad but AI will ground over 1.8 Million jobs this year. Only the jobs that have a direct connection with AI will survive. For example, jobs in the sectors of banking, retail, manufacturing, and insurance.

Privacy and Policy

Individuals’ privacy over the Internet will take an interesting twist this year as well. AI will help ensure that the Internet becomes a safe place for people. Because many people remain unaware of the fact that various companies and social media platforms are extracting their data and using it.

In most of the cases, people do not even know how their data gets used. The situation worsens when you have a look at the laws that surround AI. Because they are still new.

AI Assistants

Streamlining and robotizing dull customer service and sales will also be a possibility with AI in 2021. Currently, assistants that are doing a good job include Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana. Many companies are employing the use of these smart speakers to get the jobs done. This year, there will be even more progress in this regard.

Personalized and Predictive Medicine

The medical sector will also make good use of AI. Patients will be able to get a diagnosis from the comfort of their houses. Currently, smartwatches and other such gears are making it possible for people to self-monitor their health. Advancements in these gears would mean that people will be able to learn about a predicted illness even before the symptoms appear.

A personalized approach towards treatment will be the norm shortly. This means that treatments will get customized as well.

There couldn’t be a better time to be alive, I think. As 2021 will progress, we will see more of the miracles that AI introduces us to.

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