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Text To Pay Solutions For Medical Billing

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If you’ve a business that specializes in medical, you’ll know how crucial prompt and clear communication with your customers is. With medical operators providing a vital service that’s never been more important than in the COVID-19 pandemic. Making sure you’re able to work with clarity and speed to give your customers information and the care they need is very important. 

And due to the often time-pressured nature of medical services, neither you nor your customers can afford to have payment issues be a hindrance. Too often, payment delays can mean the difference between speedy care and delays that can cause profound problems. 

With text to pay, however, you can circumvent any delays in payment, costly and lengthy customer service calls, and communication issues. Text to pay for medical billing means that your customer’s payment information is sent directly via text message to their smartphone, meaning they’re able to pay in mere seconds. 

From The Old, Into The New

While the rise of the smartphone and app is unstoppable. Many health services still rely on old-school, rather clunky channels of communication – particularly for payment. Bills for medical services are sent via post, with payment then being made by mail or by lengthy phone call. 

In the modern world, these solutions simply aren’t fast enough and can cause frustration for customers and a drain on resources for businesses alike. With text to pay for medical billing, however, payment is pretty much instant and operated directly from the customer’s phone. In line with modern practice, and meaning no delays. 

Text To Pay And Human Error

Payment security is a constant concern with any business. The combination of COVID-19 remote home working measures and a rise in phone services for healthcare. Security around payment issues is paramount, due to employees not being present physically to help patients with payment. With the collection of sensitive financial data over a phone call, there’s always a risk of human error upon input. Leading to difficulties for both business and customer – as well as, crucially, PCI risk.

Using text to pay for medical billing, however, significantly reduces PCI risk. Also massively bringing down the risk of human error upon input. Instead of having to give over the payment information to a customer service representative (which can also, understandably, lead to worry for customers). The patient simply has to enter their payment information into their smartphone – and may, if they’ve already previously stored their credit card information with a provider, simply have to tap a button to pay. Text to pay providers also usually operate using tokenized links to enter information which creates further security. 

Improving Patient Experience With Text To Pay

One of the most vital improvements that text to pay can offer for medical billing services is in patient experience. TTP solutions can allow medical businesses to capture patient data in a manner. That vastly improves patient experience at any stage of treatment. This is due to text to pay structures being both flexible and fast. 

An example of this can be seen at a patient’s point of arriving at a medical practice. The patient drives to the practice and, instead of having to get out of the car to let someone know they’re there, send a text to the office to notify them of arrival. One of your customer service reps is then able to communicate with them via an SMS Virtual Terminal. Discuss any needs they may have, and collect payment – without any face-to-face contact or lengthy procedure. At a time when many patients are understandably concerned about face-to-face interaction, this is a huge positive. 

TTP ensure digital billing after treatment, avoiding the need for any paper bills. Through substantial data capture of patients, your business can send invoices directly to customers post. Visit, again meaning quicker payment and closure. 

The Bottom Line 

Although medical services are often cutting-edge, their billing solutions are not – and if your medical business is feeling the need to update your payment solutions, for both yourself and for the ease of your customers, text to pay may be the way forward. 

With almost two decades of experience providing payment integration and solutions, we know how to help businesses adapt to challenges and make the changes they need. Get in touch now.

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