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11 Work from Home Essentials You Must-Have

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Most of us thought working from home will be easy. With your pajamas on and Money Heist Season 4 playing in the background, you can do everything. Turns out we all need some work from home essentials to get us through the day. Computer accessories are the basics that almost all of us have. There is a whole bunch of other accessories playing their part in making the 9 to 5 routine a little cozier.

WFH is a relief! Thank God you no longer have to deal with pesky co-workers but there are always issues like slow Internet to frustrate you. It took me 2 weeks of WFH to realize that I need to upgrade my bandwidth if I want to continue working in peace. So here I am exploring Optimum plans. Apart from high-speed Internet, here’s a list of other essentials you will need:

1. Dedicated Workspace

First thing’s first, you need a dedicated workspace where you can work in peace. The kitchen counters and living room may seem convenient but not for long. What you need is a closed room with a desk and chair where you work and focus.

It shouldn’t have any distractions. It must have physical block other areas of the house so that you are psychologically ready for work. Once your shift is over, it will help you disconnect from work as you leave the room.

2. Desk Organizer

It will convert your kitchen table into an office desk. Most organizers have a stylish design. A tray with compartment drawers and dividers let you store folders, papers, notebooks, etc.

3. Printer

Working remotely has got us missing office tools we use every day. One of them is a printer. For those who can’t do without one, get a wireless printer. The most advanced printers can print in black and white and color. They can also scan, fax, and make photocopies.

4. Second Monitor

You may not realize it but for some people, a second monitor is one of the most work from home essentials. It allows you to multitask and keep multiple windows open at the same time. It also gives you a complete scope of the project you are working on. Ask from others; once they start using a second monitor, they don’t want to go back.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a life-saver. They are designed for creating a soundproof listening experience. Some also come with touch controls to adjust the ambient sounds.

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6. Desk Humidifier and Diffuser

While working from home, we all deserve to breathe easy. For this, a desk humidified and diffuser is available. All you have to do is add a few drops of essential oil and it starts working. Typically, a humidifier can last for 6 hours.

7. Rubix Cube

Let’s be real, working from home can get a bit frustrating at times. Everyone deserves a break and there is no better way of doing that s solving the Rubix cube. It will give your eyes the rest they deserve and distract your mind.

8. A View

You can’t also get through the day in a closed room with no windows. We are only human. It’s ideal to sit next to a window with a view. It can increase your alertness. The natural daylight trickling in will make you feel more awake.

To feel fresh, open the window and let the air in. If you cannot have a window in your workspace, no worries, just stay close to one.

9. Seat Cushion

I am sure you know the importance of having a comfortable chair. Apart from that, a seat cushion is also mandatory. If an office chair is not available the seat cushion will offer all the comfort you need.

A cushioned seat supports the tailbone and relieves pressure from the back to the bottom. When you are not working from home, you can use it in the car, on the plane or anywhere else.

10. Water Bottle

Don’t get lost in work, you need to stay hydrated as well. To remind yourself, have a water bottle full of plain water or detox water. It will help you stay productive.

Volume marketing bottles are recommended. They make it easier to keep track of your water consumption. It’s best to get a bottle with a straw. This prevents spilling.  

11. Coffee Mug

Since I mentioned a water bottle, a coffee mug deserves a mention too. Some of us need a big mug of coffee to charge for the day. Sipping coffee from a nice mug feels great. It also looks cool when you are in a conference call. Get yourself an insulated cup that keeps the coffee warm for an hour at least. This will reduce coffee waste to a great extent.

Apart from these work from home essentials, make sure you plan your day and keep everything organized.

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