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Do you remember a brown fish character who announces “hey SpongeBob’s back” in the episode Pickles from the first season of the SpongeBob SquarePants series? If you do, that’s your guy IncidentalSeventy or Incidental 70. He has been away for a long time but he has recently started making appearances after 20 years of absence. And now fans like you are searching for him on the internet. Besides looking for this beloved character, their other searches include what episode is SpongeBob Christmas special? since it is the holiday season right now.

Before you dive into this blog, you have been warned that a wave of SpongeBob nostalgia is about to hit you hard. The OG fans who watched the first season when it aired for the first time are requested to put their reading glasses on and then indulge in this blog.

Some Context for SpongeBob Fans Who Forgot Important Details

Spongebob Squarepants universe has so many interesting characters besides Spongebob and the crew of Krusty Krab. There’s Sandy Cheeks, Patrick Star, Garry the meowing snail, Mrs. Puff, and many others. These are the characters that have been featured multiple times in the Spongebob series. And more importantly, they have a name and individual personalities. But the fandom of this legendary Nickelodeon series even recognizes other residents of Bikini Bottoms that rarely make an appearance. These characters are unnamed and often play generic roles like Krusty Krab customers.

One such adored character is the Incidental 70. The character has not spoken a lot of dialogue. Most fans only remember him saying “hey SpongeBob’s back” in the Pickles episode. It was the episode where Bubble Bass accuses SpongeBob of forgetting to put pickles in his Krabby Patty. And that shattered his confidence and SpongeBob walks slowly to his home. In his absence, Squidward tries to make food for customers but ends up burning all of it which turns customers away.

When SpongeBob gains his confidence back and comes to work, that’s where Incidental 70 sees him and says “hey SpongeBob’s here”. For those wondering what happened in the episode, it turns out Bubble Bass was hiding the pickles in his mouth just to not pay for the food which SpongeBob points out during his second interaction. It turns out that SpongeBob did not forget to add his pickles not the first time nor upon the second confrontation.

Fun fact: Incidental 70 is mentioned as Customer #1 in the ending credits of the pickles episode.

What Does Incidental 70 Look Like?

What Does Incidental 70 Look Like

Incidental 70 is a light brown colored fish with a dorsal fin in a darker shade of brown. He has a mouth that resembles a beak. Not much can be said about his height as he has been seen as both the shortest and the tallest when standing with background characters. However, one feature that makes him easily recognizable is his pot belly. His big eyes look like they have been put on top of his head.

Was Incidental 70 in Christmas Who?

The role of Incidental 70 in Christmas Who would have been a more memorable one compared to the one in Pickles. But that didn’t happen. It was in the original plan as he is in the original storyboard. In the storyboard, he can be seen pleading with Squidward to get out of his house and celebrate Christmas but in the actual episode, he is only seen at the end in the background.

The Most Recent Appearance of Incidental 70

Most Recent Appearance of Incidental 70

Incidental 70 has been away for 20 years after the first season. He returned to the franchise in The Patrick Star Show. You see him in the episode Just in Time for Christmas wearing a t-shirt with 70 written on it. They have brought back specifically to another Christmas episode. By the way, this episode could be the potential answer to your “What episode is SpongeBob Christmas special?” question. A major change in the appearance of this character is the fact that he is wearing something for the first time in the SpongeBob Universe.

Later, he was seen in the “Abandon Twits” episode of the real SpongeBob SquarePants series.

A recent appearance of this character has been in “The Drooling Fool” episode where he is shown surprised at Patrick’s drool that floods the town. If you haven’t watched these two episodes, you should go watch them.

Other Appearances of Incidental 70

If you want to watch other episodes where you can see Incidental 70, here is the list of episodes you should be watching:

In SpongeBob SquarePants

  1. Pickles

  2. Walking Small

  3. Christmas Who

  4. Bubble Buddy

  5. Your Shoes Untied 

  6. Fools in April

  7. Potato Puff

  8. Abandon Twits

In The Patrick Star Show

  1. The Yard Sale

  2. Just in Time for Christmas

  3. Shrinking Stars

  4. Uncredible Journey


So this was everything you need to know about IncidentalSeventy in a bite sized article. Go watch the SpongeBob and Incidental 70’s new appearances. Before you go, another episode that could be to your “What episode of SpongeBob is Christmas?” could be episode 23 of season 8. This episode is titled “It’s a SpongeBob Christmas”.

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