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How to Preserve Fender Covers

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Car care enthusiasts rely on many tools to keep their rides in pristine condition. Chances are, you probably have a car cover or tire covers in your arsenal. Those are excellent for short- and long-term storage, but what about when you’re working on your pride and joy? Fender car covers offer solid protection when you’re performing standard maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Find out why these covers are an essential car care tool and how they shield from common garage hazards.

What Do Fender Covers Protect From?

To understand how fender covers protect your car, think about the kind of damage caused by common vehicle fluids. Brake fluid is probably at the top of your list: Left too long, an errant splash can corrode your car’s coating and cause the paint to peel. Gasoline is a common hazard as well. It won’t dissolve paint, but it can certainly leave stains behind. Those are the two biggest hazards, but let’s face it – you really don’t want to leave transmission fluid or coolant on your paint, either.

Even if you’re ultra-careful and avoid spilling vehicle fluids on your prized vehicle, you still have to worry about dings and scratches from your tools. And speaking of tools, who want to keep bending over to fish them out of their kits? A sturdy, protective fender cover can provide an ideal surface to place tools for quick access. As a bonus, you’ll avoid needing to bend over and accidentally bumping your head on the fender.

Benefits of Having Fender Covers

So, you understand how fender covers protect your ride from hazards while working on your vehicle. Exactly how do they deliver this protection? They’re made from durable materials that stand up to damage from vehicle fluids. PVC is the most common choice: Most fluids can’t eat through the material, and you’ve got a little extra time to wipe up those spills. PVC fender covers usually sport nylon mesh backings, which help shield your fender from scratches and dings. They also don’t need to be custom-measured to fit your car, so you can easily get one delivered to your home within just a few days.

If all of that isn’t awesome enough, there are a couple more benefits that you’ll love. Fender covers come in a wide range of designs, including popular logos such as the Mustang Cobra, Chevy, Ford, Plymouth, Olds, AMC and Corvette. If your tastes lie elsewhere, there are also high-impact visuals such as flames and Old Glory’s red, white and blue.

A Few More Quick Words on Fender Covers

Fender covers are easy to care for. You’ll follow similar instructions for how to care for your car cover. PVC versions should be cleaned by hand with soapy water containing a mild liquid detergent. Simply spray the cover with your garden hose, scrub with your souped-up sponge, rinse with the hose and hang to dry. Before you start cleaning, double-check for any manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, don’t forget that where you source your fender covers from matters just as much as the kind you buy. Select a trusted car care retailer with a broad selection and a reputation for good service.

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