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15 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies Online

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In our busy life, we do not find any way to get relaxed or entertain ourself. Watching movies is the best option to enjoy yourself and get entertained when you are at home or on a journey. It passes your time by giving you relaxing tempt. The best option for watching a high defines movies is Putlocker or other sites similar to that.

Putlocker is a comprehensive and valuable video streaming website which is famous globally. Moreover, it is a terrace that entertains a directory of multimedia data that are available on the internet. It performs various functions like streaming TV shows, Movies, and songs. There are different Putlocker websites around you; probably you have to choose the best one.

Putlocker went off due to some reasons like it give unconstitutional streaming links to users. When this useful online streaming went down than several different websites like Solarmovie came to the online market. The following list will show you the best Putlocker alternative websites for online streaming.

Top 15 Best Putlocker Alternatives:

  1. Go movies
  2. Sang Films
  3. Afdah
  4. Los Movies
  7. Tinklepad
  8. Niter Movies
  9. HDMovie Center
  10. Video Keeper
  11. Zona
  12. All123 Movies
  13. Viewster
  14. Waifu
  15. Popcornflix

Go Movies

It is the most visited and common site for watching the latest movies with high streaming facilities. Moreover, it has a simple and clear interface that can be easily understood by anyone. It offers you a vast collection of TV shows and movies. Its usage is very easy. You get a wide range of latest movies in HD versions.

Sang Films

This is one of the best putlocker alternatives website offers high-quality movies and TV shows. Besides this that it does not have an enormous library of movies but it will render you what you need. You just have to mention the movie or TV show name and the fraternal searches will be in front of your sight.


Afdah is the other alternative link of Putlocker which provides you high defined movies and shows with a simple finger click. Brilliantly, it has a search option for an actor or director. You just have to write the actor or director name in the search bar and all of the associated movies of the actor will oblige towards you.

Los Movies

This site offers you a large collection of movies and TV shows in all classes. It has a 2000 sheet chart record of your favorite movies. You can traverse and watch the desired one by writing the movie name in the search engine.

This site gives you the freshest movie collection and most visited TV shoes. Furthermore, it offers the high market movies of the season. You can get a high diversity of movies in just a few minutes after visiting the site.

It is the best website like Putlocker which is introduced with the same qualities as Putlocker has. You can easily watch your beloved movies online with HD revelation and not only this it also offers you the best option for downloading movies. This way you can watch your downloaded list without the internet. It gives you the ease of relaxing in travelling route by watching movies offline.


Twinklepad is a free movie site like Putlocker which gives you a voyage of high particularized latest movies. You just have to enter the release date, year of the movie or the title of the movie. This is the best site for getting a broad range of essence movies. If you don’t find the related movies, then this site will show the other movies list of the same director or actor.

Niter Movies

It is the best alternative to Putlocker. This extreme beneficial site offers you an identical interface like Netflix. With its vast video museum, you can get a premium advantage of watching your favorite movie with high streaming. The newly added movie appears on the homepage or you can even search the movie title with the help of its search engine.

HDMovie Center

It is the complete destination of high-quality HD movies. If you are looking for quality movies with high clarity then this terrace is best to visit. It comes with the video title, trailers, and posters which attracts the visitors. It is one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

Video Keeper

It is the best site similar to Putlocker. You can not only watch high defined movies but also download them with the fastest speed. Moreover, you can convert the downloaded videos to your device compatibility. This is the best option for entertaining yourself with the latest movies.


It is the best and attractive video steamer. You will admire it at first sight because of its high defined video collection. It offers you various entertaining activities like playing games, watching movies and listening to music. You get all the entertaining ventures in one platform.

All123 Movies

If you are looking for the best Putlocker alternatives you must visit All123 movies. Beneficially, this site gives you the latest released movies win HD version. With the most high-grade movie list on its homepage, you get the instant research of your favorite movie.


Furthermore, Viewster is the best and most visited site to get a high steamed movie in minutes. If you are a true aficionado of animated movies than Viewster is your perfect choice. It offers a wide range of anime movies which is free of cost. You do not have to get registered or pay any fee to entertain yourself.


This site is the best free movie sites like Putlocker which comes with different languages. Anyone can use it and understand it easily, moreover with its different languages you can entertain yourself the way you want. It has a high range of animated movies also in720p.


Last but not least another beneficially familiar site of Putlocker is Popcornflix which is a complete era of latest movies. You get a huge variety of action, dramatic, romantic movies on one planet. It is free of cost and easy to use.

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