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12 Small Business Ideas in Saudi Arabia

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It is known that small and medium-sized businesses stabilize economies as they are less risky to run and earn more profits. There is no need to establish supply chain pipelines; no need to have many skilled laborer’s. Hence, manufacturing overheads are under control, so whatever is produced and sold will increase the gross profit, resulting in high net profit due to fewer expenditures. This understanding will encourage the youth to become their boss.

Saudi Arabia welcomes such small business owners and entrepreneurs as it expands its economy every day. By bringing new opportunities to entrepreneurs and investing in their businesses to support their dreams and future.

If you are someone full of commitment and passion hoping to start your business in Saudi Arabia but are still unsure which business is best in Saudi Arabia or how to start a small business in Saudi Arabia? then check out our list of 12 best small business ideas in Saudi Arabia that will help you a great deal to start your own business and become an excellent entrepreneur in no time.

So let’s start and discuss some best small business opportunities in Saudi Arabia!

1. English Teaching:

English is an international language that is spoken and understood globally. This makes the English language quite significant in terms of 2nd and 3rd language acquisition.

As Saudi Arabia is also expanding its relations with western countries, starting an English teaching business would be a smart choice. You can earn large sums of money by opening an English teaching academy or either holding classes online.

2. You tubing and Tour Guide:

With the rise of social media technology and popularity, You tubing has become one of the finest earning businesses. We know that Saudi Arabia is home to many exotic places and monuments. You tubing about these fantastic places and sharing them with the world can increase your content’s popularity and tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Besides, you can expand your parameters to this business and start a side gig by becoming a tour guide to all your subscribers who want to visit KSA after watching your videos.

You can set-up a website and offer different packages over there or use videos to pitch in your services. It is a great business combination to earn handsome amounts of cash.

3- Business Schools:

Opening top business schools in Saudi Arabia has become quite profitable. The KSA government encourages higher education, and hence starting business schools can bring you ample capital. The training programs and technical education about businesses taught at your business school can further benefit KSA’s economy.

As batches of fresh and aspiring entrepreneurs graduate from business school, they can find direct access to resources and connections to support their business plans developing a healthy marketplace.

4- Food Delivery Service:

Investing in a food delivery service is a promising business start-up. Saudi Arabia has excellent cuisines and delicious foods to offer its people.

You can take advantage of their love of food and start a food delivery service that delivers delicious foods directly to their homes. Since everyone has smartphones, introducing an app that makes it easier for people to use your service can generate the right revenue.

5- Real Estate Business:

Opening a Real Estate business would be a smart choice in Saudi Arabia.

According to Saudi Muslim culture, men are allowed to marry four wives, and it is their responsibility to provide for all four of them. Hence, they buy separate houses and other stuff for all their wives.

In a nutshell, this tradition opens up great opportunities for those in the real estate business as one man buys more than one or two houses, which makes the business of real estate quite successful.

6- Business of Luxury Goods:

The land of KSA is super-rich and prosperous. They don’t have to worry about their necessities being fulfilled due to their unlimited wealth, and that’s why they invest in luxury goods all the time.

No matter which item you decide to sell, it will get sold off at a reasonable price which will stabilize your business, making it super profitable.

You can introduce your luxury brand by deciding on an item that suits your expertise. It could either be a designer clothing line, perfumes, jewellery, cosmetics, and many other things according to your choice.

7- Work from Home:

With the world evolving and changing traditional approaches to work, starting your own business isn’t a big deal anymore if you are skilled enough to take upon a start-up opportunity at leisure in your own home.

Many business opportunities can be accessed from home, which is a blessing, especially for Saudi Arabia women. Work from home is a good idea for females. All you need is some work from home essentials, and you are good to go.

First of all, you can turn one of your rooms into a working space by creating an office-like environment.

Secondly, you can shortlist all services that you can offer to your target market. Services like blog writing, content writing, virtual assistant services, social media management and marketing, video editing, graphic and website designing, and many others are great start-up ideas to invest in from home.

If you don’t feel like offering any services to anyone, you can set-up a personal blog about anything you like.

It could be a cooking blog or a music blog, depending on your choice and the original content you put forward targeting a specific audience.

After gaining a good number of audiences, you can start earning crazy money, as in this era of social media, it only takes a little time to gain fame and popularity. You can use different social media sites for this purpose.

8- Solar Energy Business:

It would be insane to miss out on the idea of the solar energy business in Saudi Arabia. KSA is a hot country that encompasses a desert for almost all of its landscape.

The sun always shines at its peak in this country, and by considering the situation of fuel and power resources, it would be best to invest in this business. KSA doesn’t want to rely on its oil reservoirs for everything, and that’s why they too encourage the use of different power resources.

You can open up a solar panel installation business or any other thing related to this. It’ll be a top choice to pursue this line of work as it is quite promising in terms of generating significant revenue.

9- Agriculture Business:

It sounds ridiculous to talk about the agriculture business in Saudi Arabia, considering its landscape and harsh climate conditions. Still, certain crops can easily tolerate KSA’s weather conditions, including wheat, barley, and date palms. These crops are a part of KSA’s basic diet routine and are consumed daily. Such high demand for these crops allows people to step into this business and seize excellent opportunities to turn this into a profitable deal.

10- Infrastructure Debt Fund:

To support your start-up infrastructure’s capital structure, a debt fund is offered so you can easily finance your business. The Saudi government supports the growth of the private sector and institutions, so getting finance from Saudi banks and investors would be a sure thing as your business will support their economy in the long run.

With an infrastructure debt fund option, you don’t have to worry about financing your start-up and can put your business plans into action quickly.

11- Construction materials business:

Saudi Arabia is home to impressive skyscrapers and monumental buildings. There is always a high demand for construction materials due to the continuous construction of new buildings and existing ones. Investing in a construction materials business is a great idea to establish a stable income and earn massive profits by becoming a construction material vendor.

12- Healthcare Business:

Saudi Arabia offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs belonging to the healthcare sector. It has a high demand for professional medical equipment and services. You can invest in this business and provide medical equipment or pharmaceuticals to hospitals and medical institutions. It is undoubtedly a good business proposition which can earn you significant profits.


Saudi Arabia provides excellent opportunities for start-ups, and since it believes in continuous development and expansion of its economy, it allows foreign investments and regular local investments. It fully supports innovative business ideas and plans by financing your start-up if you lack investment to help your business. For some other ideas, you should read about small business ideas in Italy.

In a nutshell, Saudi Arabia is a great country that can fulfill your dreams. No matter your circumstances, you can start your business even from scratch without huge investments. So, if you are brainstorming about what business you should opt for and still having a hard time selecting a suitable and profitable business plan, take a look at our list, and consult with an expert business setup in KSA consultant. We are sure that you can find a great idea that can ring some bells.

Best of luck!

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