Profitable business ideas in Italy

Small Business Ideas in Italy

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Are you thinking about starting your small business venture in Italy? Well, you are doing the right thing. However, you can’t put it into action unless you come up with a concrete small business idea that are not just feasible but also well within the bounds of Italy’s socio-economic landscape.

So, if you are struggling with small business ideas, running down the article would greatly help you. Below is the list of small business ideas with a brief description that has been deemed feasible by all means. Let’s begin.

Mediation School

People are struggling everywhere to earn, study, or for any other routine work. Italy is no exception. The recent observations reflect an unprecedented interest of people in Yoga and Reiki classes.

So, there are high chances for people investing their time and money in meditation classes to revitalize their energy levels and ventilate stress after a tiring day.

Thus, the school or academy that provides Yoga and Reiki classes seems an attractive and feasible idea for Italy business.

Real Estate Business

Real estate is quite a lucrative industry in almost every country. The perks of investing in small real estate projects in Italy can give tremendous profits.

What makes Italy suitable for starting a real estate venture are incentives by centralized banks and public-private partnerships. Plus, even if your capacity to invest is low, the return back is relatively high compared to other small businesses.

Thus, the idea of investing in small real estate businesses in Italy is worth considering.

Gadgets Repairing Service

The use of smartphones and tablets has been consistently increasing in Italy, just like everywhere. So, it is the golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to kick-start their business careers with gadgets repairing shops.

The large number of people relying on gadgets is likely to earn good profits for beginners. Therefore, it is one of the most practical ideas conceived to start a business with limited capital.

Car and Chauffeur Providing Service

Hiring a private car for daily transportation, private tours, vacations, etc., is a mainstream business in Italy. However, there is still a market gap in this industry, with customers looking for companies in their proximity that best fit the unmet needs.

Plus, there are also untapped potential customers that the private car company owners can get on-board with by signing up on notable tourism and travel platforms.

Connecting customers on social media can also bring considerable revenue. So, all you need is to register a private car company that operates in all Italian cities famous for travellers and tourists.

Infrastructure Debt Fund

The infrastructure sector has a lot of untapped potential for entrepreneurs. However, what hinders the growth of this sector is the outstanding debt on the infrastructure companies.

So, any company or business group that undertakes the service to provide the existing debt can make huge profits, thereby making an idea of the infrastructure debt fund feasible and lucrative.

Travel and Tourism Agency

The tourism industry contributes about 6% of the Global GDP. The contribution of travel and tourism to Italy’s economy is also irrefutable.

Therefore, the tourism sector is an excellent niche to invest in for people willing to start a small business.

Perfume and Cosmetics Business

If you want to start a business that does not require a lot of effort while generating sales, you should look towards the perfume and cosmetics business. These products are needed daily, and they are used nearly in every part of the world.

What’s more fascinating about this business? An economic downturn could hardly affect its sales. Italy is one of the primary producers of fragrances and cosmetics, yet they cannot cover the demand they get from the different parts of the world.

Therefore, it is a perfect idea if you want to jump into the international market directly.

If you are convinced to open up a perfume or cosmetic business in Italy, make sure you know all the possible hurdles, and you should learn all the ropes and scale before you jump into it.

Moreover, your business’s success depends on international marketing that you can do through DM or SEO. You can start various campaigns so you can target an audience that is outside Italy. The perk of targeting such an audience is that it will pay you higher prices than the local market, where multiple giants set barriers in terms of price and quality.

Night Club Business 

Italy enjoys heavy tourism from different countries and the nightlife very rich there. Therefore, opening up a nightclub will get you a lot of revenue in just a few months. It is considered one of Italy’s most profitable businesses, and the level of success for beginners is very high in it.

However, it would be best to understand that there are already many nightclubs in Italy, and you cannot open up a nightclub anywhere with a small investment. If you are opening up a nightclub in a famous place, you will have to invest a lot of money. If you select the location carefully, it will be easy on the pocket and a perfect source to generate revenue in comparatively less time.

Night clubs are fun, and you will earn money while doing fun. So this idea is unique, and it all depends on your managing skills; if you can manage the business properly, it is an excellent idea while looking at Italy’s current situation.

Work from Home

The freelancing industry is on the boom, and websites like fiver, Upwork, and freelancers provide thousands of opportunities daily. It depends on your skills.

If you are an excellent graphic designer, you can earn up to 100$ a week, and it is undoubtedly a good income while sitting at home.

What’s more good about working from home is that nobody is your boss and you do not have any fixed timings to work. You can choose the time of your choice and then sit on the work. All you require are some work from home essentials and you are good to go.

Moreover, if you don’t know any skill, you can log in to youtube and learn the basics of article writing, graphic designing, data entry, virtual assistance, etc.

You can later start working on online websites and earn money.

What you need to understand in this is you might get frustrated when you are not getting orders, but this business requires a lot of patience. If you know who to do you correctly, you will find regular clients.

Homemade Food and Delivery

Getting a healthy meal in Italy is not easy as people are extremely busy with their job routines and don’t have time to cook. In such a situation, people move towards fast foods and other expensive restaurants, and you don’t get the flavor of home food.

If we look at the current situation, there is a huge market gap in this business. There are very few people who are currently doing this.

Therefore, if you start a homemade food and delivery business, you begin to deliver your lunch boxes in various offices and shops. You will be able to generate an excellent monthly income with this small investment.

However, the main thing you have to take care of in this business is your food’s quality and flavor. It should not be made with bad quality things. Instead, it should be made with good quality things that the consumer should order again and again. If you start to get regular clients, you can even expand your business.

Business School

Opening up a business school in Italy is an excellent idea because local students are now getting towards business studies more than other subjects. Therefore, if you open up a business school with a good faculty, there is a good chance that your school will be successful.

Moreover, international students’ interest in Italy is also getting high as it is one of the world’s best education hubs, and now it has numerous good universities. Therefore, if you start to market your business school in the international market, you would receive a good response.

Apart from the good aspects, you should also understand that there are multiple government rules and regulations when opening up a university, college, or school. Your education quality is examined carefully, and the students who got admission to your school are monitored carefully. If they found out any fraud or incompetent student, that can cost you the business’s closure.


Italy’s geographic location allows it to be on the top of the ‘best countries for business’ list. It is considered one of the most attractive economies, it is the 3rd largest economy in Europe and 8th largest economy of the world.

Therefore, in Italy you have unlimited chances to grow your business.

In addition, the government of Italy is very easy on the manufacturers and they are providing subsidies to them for the past few years. For more awesome ideas, you can read small business ideas in Saudi Arabia.

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