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Text sheet Alternative – 10 Best Similar sites to Textsheet

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How many of you are entirely aware of Text sheet alternatives? School and college students would have detailed ideas about this online educational platform for assignments and projects. Text sheet was a free website that helped students in assignment completion. Here in this blog, we are going to share a similar site’s Alternative to Textsheet. Have a look

A brief overview of Textsheet

Did you know it was a free website for school and college students in their studies? It is used to answer the queries students submit, but later a few other websites start claiming copyright for violating their privacy policy. Millions of students are dependent on this medium for assignments which are resolved within minimum time. The text sheet was taken down because of the privacy policy, and regular users thought the server was down or no more extended access was available to the website. A famous Website, “Chegg”, claimed the copyright violation, so now Textsheet no longer exists.

A list of Textsheet Alternatives


This is one of the popular alternatives to Textsheet and, as we have already mentioned, the reason for its shutdown. Chegg tries to give you answers on everything and they have existed for more than 20 years. They have become a great source of answers and solutions. You can take help of more than 80 subjects and other courses. Solutions to all major subjects are given, such as chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering. You can download the mobile app from the play store or app store. Pay a subscription amount to use the services. A trial version is also available for online tutoring for 30 minutes. 


It has all the features which are already available in different Textsheet alternatives. This is based on the USA syllabus and is more prevalent among USA students to answer their assignments. You would get the help of answers and solutions from tutors from all over the world. This interface has started providing services to college students, and you would find this interface simple and easiest. Get the ad-free version for just $2, and overall it’s free to use. The only drawback is that it has no proper customer support system and gets help through social media channels only.


This is also an alternative to Textsheet, and it has a good collection of solved assignments and solutions. You would be able to download the store documents for free, which is easy to share. Get the help of major subjects such as science, math, social science, engineering and technology business, history and much more. Simply signup and add documents as much as you want to your account. Get the trending documents on the homepage as well.

School Solver

This is another site that works like Textsheet and provides the answer for all. It is helpful for students only, and if you are a tutor, you have a chance to make good money. It provides great chances for every query and assignment. A vast collection is available for essays and solutions. If you have answered and someone asked the same question, you will earn some money.

Paper Help

This website has been helping students since 2008 and is one of the reliable alternatives of Textsheet. You would get help in writing research papers. This website was designed to keep in mind the PhD students. Just fill up a form with requirements, and if you people are students of college and university, then paper help will calculate the project’s price. Mobile apps are available for android and iOS users. If you people are not satisfied with the answers, then the money-back guarantee option is available.


This was founded in 2012, and it provides access to students for the best education throughout the world. This website has 40 million active learners with more than 3600 courses. You would be able to learn more than 3600 courses. App is available for android and iOS users.

Spark Notes

You would use this platform to buy books online for future use. It also offers test preparation services which are popular among American students. It has been an excellent help for English literature, creative writing and Arts.


This website is a choice of 50 million students from 130 countries, and it has a massive database for solving assignments that covers all the subjects. Provide great help in essay writing and research writing service. Get a trial period of 15-days, and after that, you have to pay the subscription fee.


This website has almost 50 million books collection, which is a substitute for Textsheet. Get the help of Math, physics, engineering, computer science and history. This website has huge collections of answers to a million queries and questions.

College Board

College websites provide great help for students who are preparing for the SAT. You would buy books at a discounted price and easily exchange them. The app is available for android and iOS users.

These are the alternatives for Textsheet, which will help you solve assignments and let you learn for different courses.

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