Best FuboTV Review 2021 – Cost, Subscription, Availability and more

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How many streaming content services are you subscribed to either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? Well, now you can go pointing another. It’s called fuboTV, and it’s a live sport plus online TV platform, where you can watch series for $54.49 per month. It is a great option as it adds its own twist with more sports offers in the basic package than any other broadcasting service of the competition. There are a plethora of fuboTV channels that will entertain you if you are not a sporty person. You can also watch free movie, TV shows, news, etc. It has no hidden fee and offers you the chance to try seven days for free. It is also the first live TV streaming service that offers 4K content UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR). FuboTV is one of the best putlocker alternatives that are ideal for watching live sports and plenty of channels. Here’s everything you need to know about FuboTV.

Cross-platform Service

FuboTV allows viewing its content on two devices at the same time and offers it on all platforms such as computers, television, mobile, or tablet. However, some of the advantages of FuboTV can only be obtained through its application for iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Chromecast. For instance, in the case of subtitles, through the web, we can access the content in the original version, but we can only add the subtitles if we do it through your app.

 In addition, the service includes digital cloud storage in which the user can save up to 30 hours of the broadcast content; even schedule said recording beforehand. However, this option does not apply to the series that are being broadcast live. FuboTV is also available through Amazon Fire TV, and it is presented as an option for more modest pockets. But it has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with a competition with an increasingly large offer and varied in both content and services.

FuboTV Plans/Packages

There are four plans or fuboTV packages that you can choose to sign up for the FuboTV service.

Fubo Standard/Basic Plan: ($54.99 per month)

It is the basic plan that costs $54.99 per month. This package comes with a cloud DVR (30 hours), 109 channels, and the ability to watch on two screens at once.

Family Plan: ($59.99 per month)

It has 109 channels in total with 500 hours of cloud DVR. The family plan costs $59.99 a month that lets you watch on three screens at once.

Ultra Plan: ($74.99 per month)

Ultra plan comes with 179 channels with 500 hours of cloud DVR. Also, you can enjoy three screens at a time, showtime, and the Sports Plus add-on. Isn’t it cool? You can sign up with ultra-plan in just $79.99 a month. The best thing is that you get $5 for the first three months. All plans come with a free seven days trial.

Latino Quarterly: $19.99 a month

Latino Quarterly plan is designed for Spanish language TV, which offers 33 channels. You can enjoy the cloud DVR (30 hours) and watch three screens simultaneously. It cost $19.99 per months and user pay to the bill after every three months.

How to Subscribe to Fubo TV

  1. Open the official website of FuboTV i.e.
  2. Now hit the “Start Free Trial” button to the fuboTV account.
  3. Enter your email or choose your Facebook or Google account fubo login. For instance, if you choose your Google, then you must enter a password and accept the policies and click on «Continue. »

As you can see, the FuboTV plans are almost the same, but if we choose the quarterly plan or annual plan, it will be much cheaper. Choose the plan and click “Start Free Trial.” 

  1. Choose the extra package or add-ons
  2. Now hit the «Continue to the Last Step» button.
  3. In the last step, we must put the following data:
  4. Name and surname.
  5. Card number.
  6. Security code.
  7. Month and year of expiration of the card and its security code.
  8. Now click the button “Start Watching Fubo TV.” 

How to Record Series on FuboTV

Record series is the best feature of FuboTV that allows the users to record all the episodes of their favorite series. But how can you record the new episodes? If you don’t know, follow the below steps:

  1. Open your FuboTV app and search the show you want to record on the ‘series details’ page.
  2. Select the show and hit the orange button (‘record series’ button) on the left side of the screen.
  3. Now there will be two options to choose from, either to record the new episodes or record all the episodes of your favorite show.
  4. After selecting this option, the record series will turn into the managed series. Navigate the menu to cancel the recording or change the settings.
  5. Now click the button, “Stop Future Recordings,” and all is done.

How does the 7 Day Period Work?

Unlike other services, such as Netflix, fuboTV does not offer a trial month, but seven days. The offer is seven days, but you must enter the credit card number. If we wanted to cancel the subscription as users, we would have to do so before the end of the seven-day trial.

If we do not, the subscription amount will be automatically charged to your card at the end of the fuboTV free trial period. However, if you forget anything, you should know that you can cancel it at any time because there is no commitment to stay. 

Where Can You See Fubotv?

Once registered to fuboTV(you will have to create an account), you can start watching content from the same site. The recommendation of those responsible for this platform is Chrome as a browser. But there is more. The contents can be downloaded and viewed on other media, such as smartphones and tablets with Android, iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, and Chromecast. All you will need is an Internet connection, of course. What is recommended is to have a connection of at least 20 Mbps download speed. If you wonder about the number of devices on which you can see the contents, you should know that there can only be two, i.e., computers, tablets, or mobile devices. At this time, it is not possible to view content on more than two media at the same time due to licensing restrictions.

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